How To Apply Perfume To Smell Good All The Time

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Discover how to apply perfume and make your fragrance last longer, best ways to apply perfume for maximum effect, and tips to smell good all day long.

Wear perfume wherever you want to be kissed! - Coco Chanel

Obviously the ART of wearing a perfume is more than meets the eye.

If you are wondering where are the best places to apply perfume on your body, or what is the best way to apply perfume then this guide is for you.

Learn how to apply perfume and where to apply perfume to ALWAYS smell good.

Find Out If You’re Making Common Mistakes – And How To Fix Them.

Find Out If You’re Making Common Mistakes – And How To Fix Them

Does your fragrance tend to fade off quickly during the day? It doesn’t smell as good as it should? You might be making the common mistakes when buying and wearing perfume.

This terrific guide by Vogue will show you what these mistakes are – and what to do instead.

Spray Your Fragrance Where It Makes A Difference.

Spray Your Fragrance Where It Makes A Difference

If you want to always smell good, and have your perfume carry you throughout the day – you must apply your scent in the best places.

Where you spray your fragrance definitely makes a difference. Put Marie Claire’s tips into action to immediately smell lovely all day long.

Learn The Differences Between The Types Of Perfumes.

In this video Mia will teach you the difference between: eau de cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum, and perfume.

You will also learn from her, how and where to apply each of these types.

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Enhancing The Longevity Of Your Perfume.

Enhancing The Longevity Of Your Perfume

As you know, there are certain things you can do to enhance the power of your perfume, smell really well all day long.

If you don’t want to spray an entire bottle on yourself, then check out these 11 easy tips from Savoirflair – to make the MOST out of your perfume.

You’ll discover surprising tips on how to retain your pefrume quality, and save yourself money, how to make your perfume last longer, and much more.

Learn 6 Perfume Hacks Every Girl Should Know.

Shivangi.Msharma will take you setp-by-step through 6 perfume hacks, which will help you use your perfume MORE efficiently. Check it out.

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Make Your Scent Work Harder.

Susan Yara will help make the MOST out your perfume. Her tips really make the difference.

High-Quality Perfume vs Cheap One.

High-Quality Perfume vs Cheap One

Do you know the difference between cheap vs expensive perfume? Do you know how to recognize cheap perfume, made with very low-quality ingredients?

What are the indicators of cheapness? This article by Slate will show you the key criteria.

Smell Good For Sexy Time.

Demi Rawling takes you setp-by-step through life changing perfume hacks.

Learn From Expert Who Worked At A Perfume Store.

Here’s your chance to learn directly from someone who was working at a perfume store. Yana Irbe will share with you key things she learned about perfumes.

Get Advice From Experts.

Get Advice From Experts

Here’s your unique chance to learn ‘how to apply, and wear perfume properly‘ – directly from the best online perfume magazine out there, the famous Fragrantica. Enjoy!

10 Best Fall-Winter Perfumes For Women

10 best fall perfumes for women in 2020

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