How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags: The Best 10 Tips

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Discover how to get rid of under eye bags and dark circles naturally and fast.

How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags Tips For Women

What causes bags underneath your eyes? How do you get rid of bags under your eyes quickly? Can eye bags go away?

If you ever asked yourself any of these questions, then I have something important to share with you…

Nobody’s perfect. We’re all going to show signs of aging sooner or later. Fortunately, lifestyle changes and simple ‘at home treatments’ can help you reduce or even eliminate puffy eyes.

Learn how you can de-puff, smooth, and hydrate the delicate skin under your eyes.

Use Refrigerated Slices Of Potatoes. 

How to get rid of under eye bags: Use Refrigerated Slices Of Potatoes

The enzymes and the astringent properties in potato can help tighten the skin around the eye and reduce puffiness.

And if you’re the kind of person who loves home remedies, this article on The Times Of India, will walk you through 10 handy and effective tips to get rid of under eye bags and puffiness. All straight from Asian Roots Luxury Spa.

Place Cold Spoons Over Your Eyes.

Put two spoons in the freezer for a few hours, and then place those spoons over your eyes for a few minutes to depuff your eyes.

Watch the video above with Spankie, for more great de-puffing hacks. Enjoy!

Sleep On Your Back And Use An Extra Pillow.

How to get rid of under eye bags: Sleep On Your Back And Use An Extra Pillow To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags

Sleeping on your side can cause fluid build and puffy bags under your eyes in the morning. To avoid this common problem, try to sleep with the head slightly elevated on an extra pillow.

And if you want to learn more great simple tips on how to banish the bags under your eyes see this slideshow on Webmd.

Drink More Water.

How to get rid of under eye bags: Drink More Water

The more water you drink the less water you will retain. Therefore your under eyes aren’t going to retain as much. Water also helps reducing the amount of salt concentration around the eye area, and flushes out toxins from your body.

Read this post on Allure to learn the ‘8 by 8 rule’ to stay hydrated, and top ways to get rid of undereye bags – according to dermatologists.

Apply Tea Bags As A Warm And Cold Compress.

How to get rid of under eye bags: Apply Tea Bags As A Warm And Cold Compress

Using tea bags as a compress on the eyes can have many healing properties. The benefits include: reducing dark circles, shrinking bags, soothing red eyes, and relieving dry eyes – just to name a few.

Plus tea bags are very accessible, and inexpensive ‘do it at home’ remedy. This article on Well+Good will teach you 13 natural ways to get rid of undereye bags.

Don’t have time, to check it all out? Save this article to your Beauty board on Pinterest, so you can always come back to it when you need to

Try Honey, Egg Whites, Rose Water – And 14 Other Easy, Natural Home Remedies.

Despite medical and technological advancements in today’s world, many of us prefer traditional medicine as a healthier alternative.

This video from Bestie shows 17 of the most popular, natural, and easy home remedies to get rid of under eye bags. Try it!

 Don’t Smoke.

How to get rid of under eye bags: Don't Smoke

The toxins in cigarette smoke speeds up skin aging by breaking down collagen that helps keep skin firm, damage the delicate tissue around eyes, and breaks down the elasticity of the skin.

The loose skin and bags under eyes are typical for smokers. To learn more on how smoking ruins your look, check out this full article on Cbsnews.

Check Out 10 Best Most Effective Eye Treatments

10 Best Most Effective Eye Treatments

Discover best eye creams, gels, masks, rollers and serums, that will minimize fine lines, fight puffiness, smooth wrinkles fast, reduce under eye bags and dark circles.

Get Rid of Eye Bags with the Face Yoga.

If you have ever tried facial yoga, you already know that it helps your face to maintain it’s strength and flexibility.

This video is a great face yoga method, that will help you reduce and prevent wrinkles and bags under the eyes. Definitely worth trying.

Avoid Alcohol.

How to get rid of under eye bags: Avoid Alcohol To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags

Alcohol dehydrates your body and skin, making you look and feel older. Drinking alkohol leads to wrinkles, and broken blood vessels, which are hard to fix.

Alcohol can further cause the small blood vessels to expand, and make dark circles under eyes become more prominent.

Keep your alkohol consumption in check. In this article on Totalbeauty you’ll discover why to blame under eye circles on alkohol (and cigs). You will also learn how you can reduce your dark circles, by changing your lifestyle.

24K Golden Under Eye Mask

24K Golden Under Eye Mask

BrightJungle / Image Source:

Golden under eye masks remove dark circles, stimulate skin processes, hydrate skin and give natural skin care, providing lifting effect.

You’ll look fresh even after party or hardworking night.

Main effects:
• Reduce eye puffiness
• Help prevent premature skin aging
• Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles

Get Enough Rest And Relaxation.

How to get rid of under eye bags: Get Enough Rest And Relaxation To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags

SURPRISE BONUS: When you rest and relax you give your mind and body a time to regenerate and rejuvenate.

You also reduce stress and cortisol levels. And too much of stress and cortisol, increase the appearance of bags under the eyes. And one of the best ways to relax and manage stress is through Yoga.

This video by Adriene will show you how to move from the darkness into the light! Give it a try!

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